Choosing your swimming pool – what criteria to make the right choice for servicing

Pool maintenance is one of the tasks that most occupies pool owners and therefore, after a short time, it is usually abandoned with the consequent problems that this brings. Pool maintenance in winter is as necessary as in summer.

If you do not want your pool to fill with algae, the water to become unhealthy and infect you with fungus, it is best to hire a pool maintenance company to avoid problems and forgetfulness. will maintain your pool both in cleaning and in controlling your pool. Take the worry out of pool maintenance and enjoy your time.

Algae control and general cleaning of the pool

One of the key points of pool maintenance is to control the pH and chlorine of the water so that it is always at the proper levels.

The chemicals that are administered in a swimming pool must be made by professionals who know what they are doing, in order to avoid greater evils.

Among the maintenance tasks that is ben carried out are cleaning the bottoms, brushing the pool walls, removing elements such as leaves or other materials from the skimers and cleaning the water surface.

The lighting that brings your pool to life

With proper pool maintenance, not only algae control is carried out or the pH of the water is maintained. It is also important to do a review of the pool lighting that gives so much joy on summer nights. As well as the revision of the machinery – the treatment plant – and the filters that ensure that leaves and dirt do not pass into the machinery.

Pool yard

Do you need to hire a Pool Cleaning Company?

With the arrival of the summer season, people who want to avoid the suffocating heat are always looking for a way to cool off, and what better way to do it than enjoying a pleasant bath. That is why it is very important to carry out pool cleaning in order to keep it in the right conditions.

The pool cleaning services consist of:

  • Lifeguard Service
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the vessel and the purification circuit.
  • Machinery review and detailed installation.
  • Filter and skimmer cleaning.
  • Winter maintenance.
  • Pool log books.
  • Products for pool maintenance.

Factors that influence when cleaning a pool

When pool cleaning and maintenance is carried out, it is essential to know what are the external factors that use to influence the cleaning.

The sun: At the time the temperature surpasses 25 degrees, the water inclines to develop cloudy, instigating the PH levels to weaken and thus favoring the arrival of algae. For its removal, it will be essential filtering the water and its defensive protection with products for example PH balancing liquid and anti-algae.

Storms: They use to cause a muddiness of the water, so as to if it doesn’t have a huge amount of stuffs for its upkeep, the development of the water quality will be undesirable. To avoid these kinds of issues, a pool enclosure might get built so as to meteorological issues have no effect on the preservation of the water and the pool.

Comprehensive maintenance

A pool maintenance company has an overview of what you need and is capable of applying comprehensive maintenance that will save you time. In addition to summer, swimming pool services perform maintenance on the pool in winter. An integral task is to maintain your garden in order, the automatic watering, the care of the recreation area and to fine-tune the automatic watering or to carry out the chlorine control on a regular basis.