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Fastening material for cables and pipes is a plastic product in the form of a ring and a dowel for fixing to various types of surfaces. Fasteners for pipes are very often used when installing heating and water supply systems.

Fast installation method

Brackets for fastening pipes and a cable holder allow you to quickly and reliably fix products on various types of surfaces – walls, ceilings, floors. The presence of a fastener under the dowel allows to ensure rigid fixation of fasteners in this place, even under the condition of heavy loads, different temperature conditions and other conditions. Modern fittings for plastic pipes can be used for both indoor and outdoor work.

Different sizes and diameters

Clips for pipes and cables differ in shape and maximum diameter. The size of the pipe clamps will determine the permissible cross-section of the mounted products. The cable holder also differs in size, which allows it to be used to fix cables of different cross-section or wire braids.

Holders for pipes and cables can be used for different areas and tasks:

  • A cable clamp is often used when carrying out electrical work when installing cable products;
  • Fasteners for pipes are used when installing plumbing fixtures, laying heating pipes, water supply, and so on;
  • Fasteners for pvc pipes can be used to fix pipe products to different types of surfaces – walls, ceilings, floors, hidden niches;
  • Plastic clamps for fastening pipes are used when installing underfloor heating, water supply systems, heating and others;
  • Fasteners for pvc pipes are used in the construction industry, in everyday life, in the food and chemical industries;

Fasteners for cable and pipe products are used in various spheres of human life.

Where to order

You can buy fasteners in the recommended fasteners suppliers in India.

  • Hardware – bolts, nuts, washers
  • Fasteners – nuts, bolts, washers have special threads of a certain length and diameter. With the help of these products, various materials, blanks, etc. are fastened.

The thread can be both internal and external, depending on the selected product. The thread pitch can also differ, as well as the way it is applied “left” or “right” thread.


This product is made in the form of a rod, on which an external thread is applied. The head of the bolt is hexagonal so that it can be tightened with a wrench or hex head. The anchor bolt is used to mount equipment and materials to various types of surfaces from wood to concrete or brick. Eye bolts are used for installation in large and oversized items, equipment, providing ease of transportation.

Nuts and washers

The fastening nut has a threaded hole, together with the bolt, screw, and stud, forms a strong secure connection. M6 and other sizes are designed to be attached to M6 bolts of the same size. Washers are used in conjunction with nuts, bolts and studs to provide better contact. The Grover washer has a slight difference from a simple washer and is used as a locking product.


Dowels belong to fastening materials and can be used for mounting in different types of surfaces. The concrete dowel is used in conjunction with a special screw that expands the fastening, providing a rigid fixation of the dowel.

Fasteners are widely used to solve various problems:

  • Bolt m10 and other sizes are used to fix materials and products made of metal, wood, glass and others;
  • Nut m10 and other sizes are used for reliable connection together with bolts, pins, screws;
  • Hex bolts are used in the automotive industry, aircraft construction, instrument making, food and chemical industries, in everyday life;
  • Dowel nail is a universal fastening material for fixing various products to the wall, ceiling, floor – heaters, brackets, shelves, etc .;
  • The hairpin is used for fastening to the surfaces of trays, air ducts, cabinets, furniture, and other products;

Bolts, nuts, studs, washers are used in all areas of human life.