How Long Can People Live

Although there are more and more centenarians in the world, experts believe that they have managed to accurately determine the endurance limit of your body. Every year there are more candles on the birthday cakes of the oldest people in the world. In almost all countries of the world, the society is clearly aging. Medicine is better and better at dealing with many chronic ailments, which is why life expectancy continues to increase. The World Health Organization (WHO) forecasts that by 2050 people who manage to live to at least their hundredth birthday will constitute up to 23.6% of people of retirement age. Even less than 30 years ago, out of 10 thousand of people over 65, there were 2.9% of centenarians, and in 2015 there were more than two and a half times more (7.4%). Despite the fact that the statistical life expectancy is constantly increasing, scientists have managed to observe that the upper limit of human life has hardly changed since the last 20 years.

The current tendency can therefore only be temporary, and if you only take care of the proper education of younger generations who are made aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, you will be able to achieve better and better results in the statistical length of human life. On the other hand, other researchers indicate that a lot of hope can be placed on the development of various types of gene therapies. If you managed to modify some genes, it cannot be ruled out that you would be able to tame the limit of the human body’s endurance, which was impossible to exceed.

Biology has set the limit

A data analysed by these scientists suggests, in their opinion, that the latter is true. Though that doesn’t mean you won’t find a way to cross the biology boundary in the future. Scientists looked at demographics from 41 countries. Historical data shows that human life has started to lengthen in the last hundred years as you have eliminated many deaths early in life. Antibiotics, vaccination campaigns, efforts to reduce the deaths of new-borns and mothers – all this meant that many more people could live to adulthood.

In recent years, people have been able to observe somewhat slower but also significant changes affecting late-life mortality. More and more people began to join the group of people surviving old age. But these changes began to slow down around 1980, and that, according to scientists, could mean that you have reached the border.

How to live exactly a healthy and long life

For this reason of exactly how long one can survive, researchers in the aging process are equally focused not only on life expectancy as such, but also on increasing the period in which you will enjoy good health. For who would want to live forever if the body and mind continue to weaken over the years?

Scientists know that the aging process is far more complicated and linked to human biology, and is not just a side effect of diseases that bring life to an end. They understand the complexity of the problem.